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Get Emergency Care – Don’t Wait in Case of Toothache

Get Emergency Care - Don’t Wait in Case of Toothache

Many patients visit us complaining of pain, swelling in their lower jaw, and recent soreness that had kept them awake at night. Ten days previously, they had visited a dentist, who had prescribed antibiotics to her. Since then, both the swelling and the toothache have gotten worse.

So What Went Wrong?

During the examination, we often find that the swelling in the lower right jaw has spread into the neck and even under the chin. That means there was a tooth infection that has now spread to various facial planes. It might spread and blocked the airway if the patient had not visited us. It can turn fatal for such patients.

We take such patients under emergency care in which patients undergo a CT scan before being transferred to the operating room for an extraoral incision, drainage, and tooth removal. These patients are also kept overnight for postoperative observation.

So, can an abscessed tooth do so much damage?

Yes, an abscessed tooth can do significant harm to a person. Though in such cases having the tooth extracted a few days earlier would have been less expensive and simpler. So, readers, don’t put off seeking medical attention for dental pain. Even better, schedule routine dental visits.

Can an abscessed tooth or a tooth that is in pain be effectively treated with antibiotics? –

No. In such situations, antibiotics often fall short in treating a dental infection. The standard response is to remove the troublesome tooth (the one causing the pain). Indeed, medications can help to clear up the infection so that it is simpler to numb; however, with the right dental nerve anatomy knowledge and experience, we can still get you numb enough to pull a tooth even if it is infected. If we think it might be challenging, we can start an IV and sedate you so you won’t remember the surgery.

Is there any other way besides tooth extraction?

If a tooth is infected, we don’t always have to extract it; instead, a root canal may be performed. You can keep the tooth because of this. Don’t wait to contact us for an examination and X-ray if you have tooth discomfort or an abscessed tooth. For same-day extractions, we frequently have space for emergencies.


Patients experiencing a toothache that has worsened despite antibiotic treatment should seek immediate medical attention. Emergency care may involve a CT scan followed by an incision and drainage procedure, tooth removal, and postoperative observation. Antibiotics are often ineffective in treating dental infections, and extraction or root canal procedures may be necessary. Patients should schedule routine dental visits to prevent such emergencies. Visit Titanium Dental and Implant Dentist in Fort Worth, Tx for emergency dental care.

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